[INFO] The BOSS' fanchat revealed

We're still looking for Karam's, Jay's, and Mika's. IF you guys find it, please tell us~ and we'll gladly translate it for everyone and post it here as soon as possible! THANK YOU!

Hyunmin: These days, Mika plays with Karam a lot"
Karam: Right now I'm sleeping with Suhoon Hyung

Jay: "I love you"
Fan: "wow"
Fan: "hung.. ㅠㅠ"
Fan: "*hul* touched"
Jay: "really.."
Fan: "me too"
Fan: "*hearts*

Fan: "ah oppa, do you have abs?"
HM: "absㅡㅡ?"
HM: " I have two"
Fan: "do you like pretty fans?"
Fan: "they say you do"
HM: "pretty fans ke"
HM: "I Like"
HM: "I'm going to care about them a lot"
HM: "thats why do plastic surgery"
HM: "I'm kidding. keke"
HM: "What do you like about me?"
HM: "Well, I'm sure you like all but"
HM: "Being cocky is pretty charming huh;"
Fan: "what are you talking about!"
HM: "I know I have a good voice."
H:"But.. do you like charismatic me or cute me?"
HM: "The middle"
HM: "Cool"
HM: "I think I'm really charming"
HM: "I have the charm of both sexy and cuteness"
Fan: "Potato hair one more time"
HM: "Potato hair"
HM: HM: "Do you know how expensive it was to do that?"
HM: "I'll give you pepero"
HM: "Only to the pretty fans"
Fan:"hey guys, lets get out of here"
HM: "Sorry"
HM: "Lets go out"
HM: "Don't go out"
HM: "I don't have any friends"
HM: "These days, Suhoon hyung plays with Karam a lot"
HM: "What do I do?"
HM: "Forever excellence"
*5 hearts*
*1 heart*
*bunch of hearts*
HM: "Full huh?"
(She's acting like this because she's the chatbox moderator. But I'm pretty sure she's joking...or not.)
Fan: "no spamming"
Fan: "demoting you"
Fan: "Oppa you're an associate member"
HM: "yes"
HM: "I won't spam"
HM: "Honey"
HM: "You know what i did today?"
Fan: "interview"
Fan: "interview"
Fan: "interview"
Fan: "You ate"
HM: "nope"

HM: "I only thought of my babies"
HM: "all day"
Fan: "kekeke.."
Fan: "..."
Fan: "ㅡㅡ??"
Fan: "ey...."
*more of these responses*
HM: "yup. its a lie."
HM: "thank you for understanding"
Fan: "player"
HM: "thank you for understanding"
HM: "me?"
HM: player?
HM: so.. you dont like me?
Fan: "pretty charming.."
Fan: "no"
HM: kekeke
HM: I knew you guys would be like this
HM: I'm a person full of charms
HM: What is something you want to hear from me
HM: ??
Fan: "The addicted unnie, the one you picked is really happy"
HM: I picked you "hyominjoongdok"
HM: Thankful huh?
Fan: "tell me ur password"
HM: ill tell you my password
HM: ㅁㄴㅇㄹ;ㅣㅏㅓㅁㄴㅇㄹ;ㅣㅓㅏ
HM: its that
HM: okay. ill fulfill one of your wishes
HM: only one person
HM: something you wa
HM: something you want to hear, i'll actually do it for you
HM: 5
HM: 4
HM: 3
HM: 2
HM: 1
Fan: "i'll present you with a gift myself" *which is him as the gift*
HM: me as the present..
HM: last
HM: no spamming
HM: forever banned
Fan: "oppa oppa you are the best"
HM: i know
HM: but i..
HM: truthfully
HM: i think i have so much charms
Fan: "are you suppose to call you cute?"
HM: cute *grabby noises*

HM: "*kiss noises*"
Fan: "tbh i almost gave up on you"
Fan: " i was watching "ahjushi"."
HM: you were watching "ahjushi"
HM: yes
Fan: "More than Wonbin"
HM: yes yes
Fan: "just.. cooly picked hyunmin oppa"
HM: i'm expecting a lot
Fan: "ah.. at this rate..
HM: yes yes yes
Fan: "WonBin oppa is so good looking"
HM: ah
Fan: "i was like hyunmin oppa is.. this oppa is Woobeautiful and.."
HM: ur dead come here
Fan: "I turned off the movie"
HM: "I should film for "Woojushi"
HM: woojushi kekeke
HM: even i think its funny
HM: um..
HM: i have something worrying me
HM: Theres a lack of affection
HM: so Injun is having a hard time?
HM: so when you mention him, do it cutely
HM: I like cute girls
Fan: "whyd ur ideal type change?
HM: ideal type?
Fan: "whyd it change?"
HM: no
Fan: "it wasnt taeyeon.."
HM: its not what you think..
Fan: "coke bottle"
HM: i like the coke bottle
HM: taeyeon senior is really good at singing
HM: sigh
HM: I cant live cause of you guys
Fan: "bboo-ing bboo-ing"
HM: bboo-ing bboo-ing
HM: your fart sounds
HM: mine is bboo ooooooo
HM: suhoon hyung's is pa ah ack
HM: injun's is bboh oh ing

HM: Jihwan's is BbongBbongBbong
HM: Karam's is Bboo-ing Bboo-ing
Fan: "oppa buy me something"
HM: i dont have money
HM: Do you want a meat party?
HM: Come to Pohang tmrw
HM: I'll tell my mom
HM: and i'm going to mubank kekeke
HM: my mom's pretty huh?
HM: my dad's really good looking too
HM: ah its ota
HM: my younger brother's legs are longer than mine
Fan: "middle schooler?"
Fan: "soccer"
HM: yup
HM: He plays soccer
HM: Later on
HM: when he becomes a pro
HM: cheer him on
HM: He's the most precious living being in my life
HM: My younger brother
HM: I'm hungry
Fan: "for the last time, say the nicknames"
HM: *says all the nicknames*
Fan: "you left me out"
HM: "injun addict?"
Fan: "kekekekek yes"
HM: you changed already??
Fan: "injun oppa is my 2nd"
HM: You're an easy girl
HM: whatever. im going to leave one minute earlier
Fan: "hull..."
HM: fine then 5seconds later. im going to call out the nicknames again.
HM: hurry everyone
HM: change it to hyunmin
HM: 5

HM: 4
HM: 3
HM: 2
HM: 1
*calls out all the changed nicknames*
HM: ah..
HM: i said to change it to hyunmin.
HM: whos the one who really changed it to hyunmin
HM: kekekeke
HM: how cute
Fan: "oppa. i like youㅠㅠㅠ'
HM: why?
HM: why do you like me?
Fan: "no reason"
Fan: "there is no need for a reason"
HM: right?
HM: this isnt a made up image
HM: you like the whole woohyunmin package right?
HM: metoo
HM: thats why i threw away the charisma
HM: i hope you like everything about me
HM: everything
HM: today i
HM: was really happy
Fan: "Love me forever"
HM: okay
HM: I like these upfront comments
HM: from now on
HM: i'll become more cool
HM: I'll make the abs you guys want
HM: so don't leave my side
HM: You're the only LADY for me

Fan: "is your throat okay?"
HM: My throat is all better
(They're referring to the lyrics of 'Lady')
Fan: "Don't get sick"
HM: I won't
Fan: "Don't be sick"
HM: I'm all better
Fan: "Don't cheat"
HM: sorry
Fan: "Don't drink too"
HM: I won't cheat
Fan: "Answer the phone"
HM: I won't drink
Fan: "answer the phone"
Fan: "don't lie"
HM: i won't be able to answer your call
HM: Anyways
HM: My honeys
HM: take care
HM: i'm going
HM: bye
HM: see you tmrw
Fan: "i love you"
HM: okay i love you kekeke *kissy sound*

Fans: "hul.." *bunch of fans do hul*
IJ: stop saying hul
IJ: why are you guys keep saying hul? ㅜㅜㅜ
IJ: what is it
IJ: what
IJ: what
Fan:"who's next to you?"

IJ: kekekekeke I'm alone~
IJ: really
IJ: why are you guys like this
IJ: this is an event only for me
IJ: kekekeekek
IJ: hey hey..
IJ: you're chatting with me

IJ: don't find someone else
IJ: oppa's sad
IJ: sadㅜㅜ
Fan: "What time do you usually sleep?
IJ: around 2?
Fan: "What do you do at dawn then?"
IJ: at dawn I tweet

IJ: I listen to music
IJ: using my laptop I search on the internet~
IJ: I go on Kongka and "stalk" you guys
IJ: Oppa is a very scary person you know^^
IJ: be careful
IJ: I love you

Fan: "oppa do you read all your mentions?"
IJ: Of course i read all my mentions
Fan: "ey no.."
IJ: My hobby is to read my mentions and fall asleep
IJ: send me a lot of mentions~~

IJ: even if i can't do mentions
IJ: i read all of my mentions ^^
IJ: I'm memorizing your nicknames too
IJ: i'm not kidding^^
IJ: kekekekekeke touched^^

IJ: I look at your twitter too^^
IJ: I look at all your twitters^^
IJ: Thank you for sending me mentions^^
Fan: "ey..no'
IJ: really
IJ: your usernames are with alphabets
IJ: right
IJ: I know everything^^

Fan: "hul.."
Fan: "you shouldn't do these stuff every day"
IJ: kekekeekek

IJ: you guys upload pictures that you cut your hair
IJ: kekekekekekekeekek oppa
IJ: gets touched every time i read my mentions
IJ: I get really touched

IJ: I get really touched
IJ: with real pictures
IJ: thank you so much
IJ: this time with "lady" promotions
IJ: for you guys
IJ: I'll work harder

IJ: okay??
IJ: we are forever together~~?
IJ: but
IJ: I'm curious about something
IJ: oppa is curious

IJ: kekekekekeek
IJ: I'm fast at typing ^^
IJ: kekekekekekeke
Fan: "no'
IJ: kekekekekekek

IJ: from a long time ago, i was really confident with my typing ^^
IJ: thats why i like these chats^^
IJ: oppa when to a computer school too
IJ: when i went there i got 1st with typing^^
IJ: best huh^^
Fan: "do you have a certificate?"
IJ: no sorry
IJ: i hope we can do alot of these kind of events~~~

IJ: why is it so fun talking to you guys~~
IJ: Injun oppa is the best huh^^?
IJ: you guys are going to cap this and put it up huh?
IJ: kekekekekeke
IJ: capture all the fun talk and put it up^^

IJ: cause I'm going to see the picture too
IJ: You can only put the fun stuff up~~
IJ: not stuff like these
IJ: other fans are going to be so curious of what we talked about^^
IJ: stuff like this, youre suppose to capture and put it up
IJ: kekekekekeke
IJ: dont put up everything tho
IJ: i'm embarrassed too
IJ: embarrassed >_<
IJ: hyunmin hyung came to my side
IJ: and its kinda distracting
IJ: but i told him to go away
IJ: he can't disturb our chat^^
IJ: but you know whats funny?
IJ: i told him to go
IJ: and he really went
IJ: kekekekekeek

IJ: then i'll see it and tweet about it
IJ: embarrassed >_<
IJ: oh~
IJ: JeonJihwanTa
IJ: changed to InJunhwanta
IJ: kekekek
IJ: you guys
IJ: shouldn't change so easily like that
IJ: iknow
IJ: after this one chat you guys change^^
IJ: that easily
IJ: kekekeekek one fan
IJ: fan im saying
IJ: are you the boss' fan ^^
IJ: you know right?

IJ: babies
IJ: oppa's sad
IJ: sad ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
IJ: i'll give you a present
IJ: one person at a time
IJ: i'll call out your nicknames

IJ: thank you so much
IJ: for coming in
IJ: thankyou
*calls out fans nicknames* (usernames)

IJ: Dont change favorite members so easily!
IJ: okay~~>_<
IJ: DaeNamSooniee
IJ: your nickname is so cute kekekkekee
IJ: SoonDaeGukNamAh
IJ: How did you know i like soondaeguk^^
IJ: i can see how much you guys love us
IJ: lastly JJingeeshoo nim
IJ: i always see twitters so send me a lot of mentions
IJ: i'll read them
IJ: babies
IJ: i wish our other fans wouldㅜㅜ
IJ: babies i had sucha great time. i love you
IJ: watch out for our "Lady Promotions```
IJ: I love you my honeys>_<
IJ: bye

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