[Info] 20111125 (18:10 KST) Music Bank Setlist!

Bounce - New F.O
Gold Fish - Krispy Krunch+ShiHyun
Love - Park Sobin
Because I'm crazy - AA
Jeez - WINK
Ma Boy2 - Electro Boys (Yejin of Brave Girls)
by chance - LED APPLE
I love you that's all I can say - Able (ft. Rich)
Can't communicate - Beige
My Love - B1A4
Rocket Power - Lee Jihye
G.D.M - M.I.B
You would never know - JCERA
Message - MyName
Window - Trax
A long day - Tim
Sales King - Norajo
Oh my gosh - Seo Inyoung
I miss you I miss you - Noel
I wanna fall in love - Kim JoHan
Cry Cry - T-ARA
Pretty but hateful - SonHoyoung
Be my Baby - WonderGirls
The Boys - SNSD

In addition, ShinDong of Sper Junior, Sohee+Sunye of Wonder Girls will be today's Mubank MCs!!!! Don't miss today's Music Bank at 18:10(KST)