[CAFE] PLAYB2ST's DAILY OF B2ST - BEAST 데뷔 2주년 전야제(?) - 2011 Asia Song Festival

This is the administrator of BEAST’s fan club.

I will be revealing BEAST at the 2011 Asia Song Festival that had taken place yesterday!

At the sound of "BEAST visual ~ I'll be taking a picture!" Dongwoon and Doojoon had bother turned their heads.
Of course BEAST is taking like the visual team… kekekekekekeke
(Even the both of them laughed after I took the picture…)

The visual team had taken the polaroid picture, chose their favorites, and signed it so that it can be used as the gifts for the second anniversary event!

There are pictures of other members in between as well ~

Some please use him as the polaroid camera model now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junhyung is also looking through the pictures and choosing his favorite!

Doojoon spots Junhyung signing his pictures… kekekekekekeke

Probably because other member pictures came out pretty, Doojoon took pictures of all the polaroid pictures.

And of course, Doojoon taking a picture of Junhyung!

Hyunseung's cute expression and pose ~

In order to show off a better side to the fans, careful monitoring is a must~

Using the cellphone covered in a cute Pororo case, Hyunseung is carried away in his own world practicing his own song.

The reappearance of the Cold City Men series! The coldness… is radiating kekekekekeke

One by one, the BEAST members are gathering around Yoseob's monitor!

Yoseob, who finished monitoring! After cutting his hair, his head got smaller...
The one and only in the world with such a small head…

Our B2UTIES are the best ~

You are even taking a picture of me drinking water?!!!!!!

Bbuing Bbuing o_o V

Hyunseung watching the video of an oversea artist.

Bbuing Bbuing

The amazing 2nd anniversary gift you B2UTIES showed off!
The word is that BEAST had been swept by a have of emotions afterwards…

BEAST won an award~

Member 1 who sent spam tweets after seeing the event prepared by the fans

Member 2 who sent spam tweets after seeing the event prepared by the fans

Member 3 who sent spam tweets after seeing the event prepared by the fans

Lastly, I want to end this beautifully with a picture of them together. kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke

The best fan manner of keeping your places even through the rain!
Thank you so much B2UTIES!

Let's keep going this second year