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Last week, Junhyung had shown off this awesome sides through the rap part time job once again!
It was a very short time of only one week, but we believe that many B2UTIES were very satisfied from it. ^-^

Then, we shall reveal all the behind the scene pictures from Junhyung's broadcast performances!

Oh! Oh! Wave of charisma Oh! Oh!

Before going up on stage, tying the shoelace once again!

After coming off stage, the first thing he does is monitor.

And of course, a sip of Coke before going up on stage kekekekekekekeke

Yong rapper's presence-

Junhyung who looks even better without the sunglasses ^-^
(Sadly Music Core was not broadcasted last week due to the baseball game, but you guys will be able to see him through this weeks episode.)

For Inkigayo on Sunday, BEAST members Doojoon, Hyunseung, and even Yoseob came for a quick visit to cheer for Junhyung!

Doojoon pointing to Junhyung's name on the waiting room list!

Came to cheer for Junhyung WassupYo vo_ov

The pair that can't be torn apart! One charisma shot with Coke.

One member from BEAST who loves to take pictures transformed into a photographer once again and took pictures of the scene- who could it be?

The answer is Yoseob!
The camera covers his whole face… sobs

Doojoon and Hyunseung greeting Yang photographer's camera!

The last one is BEAST's group picture.
Sadly, the youngest Dongwoon couldn't make it to Inkigayo because of a family meeting, but we believe that he had cheered on for Junhyung as well~

(+) Kwang MC with a smile that can make everyone happy