[CAFE] Doojoon's Post - Hey late dawn....Is late dawn a right expression.. @BeeeestDJ

The moment I am writing this post, the time is indicating that it is 2:52am.
For many students, another day will start again today.
I am suffering from a cold for about a week now.
Thankfully the fever. and the body aches are gone, but the coughs and runny nose are with me still.
Because of me.. I'm seeing Dongwoon and Yoseob, who sleep next me, starting to show signs of a cold
I feel so sorry to death now.
Since I was really bored I decided to write. I wonder why I want to perform so badly these days..
I really hope that February will come quick… I am really anticipating for it….
Jang Hyunseung is still practicing..He is such a dedicated guy..
People who know already know this, but.. I think you guys can really anticipate for this event.
Everyone have a nice day. The weather is really bipolar.
You guys know that these weathers are perfect for catching a cold right..
Always be careful bye~~~~~~~~