[CAFE] Dongwoon's Cafe Post @beastdw

BEAST had finally greeted their second anniversary
Since we had been running without much thoughts
We never actually got the time to look back into the past

After arriving to the dorm yesterday, I looked at the
post our fans put up that included pictures and posts since our debut.
Looking through that, I thought to myself, "Wow a lot of things changed and we accomplished a lot of things."

But the truth is, you guys know that we didn't do anything right?
If we didn't have our staff and Cube workers, as well as our fans,
We would not have been able to do anything!!!

When we said that it was our dream to win the rookie award
You guys made us get the rookie award
When we said that it was our dream to win first place
You guys made us first place
When we said that we wanted a concert
You guys made us open a concert
The ones behind making all our dreams come true,
It is really all thanks to our b2uties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will always carry the thankfulness in my heart
And I will live to repay the thankfulness
I love you guys!!^^

p.s Ah and also, even though I said we made a lot of accomplishments
I know that there are still more things we have to do
Just keep cheering for us just like now!!!
We will take care of everything from there ^^