[CAFE] 2011 Melon Music Awards - BEAST

This is BEAST's fan club administrator.

At the 2011 Melon Awards Ceremony that already became yesterday

BEAST had won this year's TOP 10! and this year's artist award! They won two crowns. clap clap clap

Especially, since this year's artist award was one of the three grand awards,

I believe that this makes the award even more meaningful. ^-^

You guys know that this is all thanks to b2uties right?

As much as you b2uties have shown them love, BEAST members said they will return that thought

And promised to work hard and show themselves improving

So I hope that you b2uties will continue to stay with BEAST in the future!

And now I will be revealing the scene of happening~

Swag explosion! Junhyung with awesome sunglasses and posing.

Yoseob who's dazed expression is even cute.

Hyunseung who will be going towards you guys with a new look.

Son Male God who looks good with smoky make up!

2011 Melon Award's hidden card, MC Yoon Doojoon.

After taking these pictures, Son Dongwoon's 3 level high notes said "You have to post this!" … the 3 level combo picture.

In the waiting time, the maknae line's two members are using a PC tablet to play games on it ~

This year's artist award! The member's proof shot with the trophy!

The trophy that looks good even by just looking at it!

The last one is for the award Sooooooooo~ BEAST's group picture!

Thank you.

CREDITS: http://cafe.daum.net/playb2st/HCuz/95 PLAYB2ST FANCAFE (SOURCE); YONGISM@B2ST RISING (TRANS)