[Twitter] Kahi is excited to be a Hanyoung University Student

Kahi few days ago revealed that she got admitted in a university and will enter a new school. She's so excited that she shares her 1st day on her twitter,

"I went to the Yeo-su Hanyang Univ~ Have a good time all of Hanyang Univ student~ㅎ We are going back to Seoul…arrival time will be 5:30 AMㅋㅋ I’m gonna take deep sleep^^

Oops I confused the school name. All of Hanyoung Univ student. So~rry~!ㅡㅡ
Trans by nanaASfacts"


"여수 한양대 다녀왔어요~ 한영대학생여러분 좋은지는 보내세요 ~ ㅎ 저희는 서울로…. 도착예상시간 am5시30분… ㅋㅋ 푹자야겠어용 ^^

어머 학교이름을 왔다갔다했네요. 한영대학생여러분. 쏴~리~!ㅡㅡ"

She's going to experience a real student's life! Good luck to your studies!

Source: Kahi Twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkopnews.net