[Twitter] Jung Ah "The Return of ‘Lady Jung Jung’

After School member Jung Ah dressed up to Lady Gaga's style!
She tweeted,

Today, should I go out like yoksamdong Lady Gaga again~ah~!! Now its shinsadong Lady Gaga~^^ today everyone have a great party~^^ Everyone is telling me not too~~^^ don’t worry~~^^ I wont I wont~~~^^♥


나두오늘 역삼동레이디가가한번하고나갈까나~ 아~!!!이제신당동레이디가가구나~~~~^^ 오늘모두즐건파티되세용~~~^^ 다들엄청말리시네~~^^걱정말아요~~^^ 안해요안해~~~^^♥

Trans: pledisAStrans:
T/N: Jung Ah was dressed as Yoksamdong (the place where A.S dorm was..where they lived) Lady gaga in the show playgirlz school but the reason why Jung Ah was said she should change to Shinsadong Lady gaga coz Shinsadong is where she lives…. i dont know if A.S dorm is there or not… but Jung Ah”s house is there… dont forget that Jung Ah lives with her family

Watch her below:

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