[TRANS/INT] Kan Bak - Nichkhun talks about upcoming Thai movie & more

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Khun: Right now I'm very busy with our concert tour. We're currently touring around Asia. It's very fun to meet fans from all over the world so I am very happy and having fun with our performances.
Reporter: And we heard you are going to come perform in Thailand too?
Khun: For sure we are coming to Thailand. We're just waiting for the perfect opportunity. I want to come. We HAVE to come anyways.
Reporter: About when will you come?
Khun: Should be around next year
Reporter: A big concert, right?
Khun: Yes, a big concert for sure. [after being asked about a potential movie role] Right now, there is a movie proposal that has been made to me. We're talking about it. There will probably be good news for Thai fans soon. Wait just a little longer.
Reporter: A Thai movie, right?
Khun: Yes, a Thai movie.
Reporter: What type of movie will it be?
Khun: Not yet---ahhh---no you'll have to wait and see!
Reporter: Where will it be filmed?
Khun: Should be in Thailand.
Reporter: Even though you're in Korea, there's lots of news of you with Thai actresses. How do you feel about that? [T/N: In the past there was news that Nichkhun was close to Thai actress Bee Namthip because they followed each other on twitter and tweeted to each other a lot, with even some news reports saying that he was the cause of her break-up with her long time boyfriend, but Nichkhun himself came out and denied that. He has also been linked to Thai actress View Wanarot.]
Khun: Uhhh---it's good that Thai people still have interest in me. *laughs*
Reporter: Have you seen the news?
Khun: No, I have not seen the news. Do I think it's funny? Well, not to the point of laughing, but just a little. My fanclub understands. They love me and they know me, so it's not a big deal. [after being asked about the flooding in Thailand] I have talked to my mom about coming back to help my fellow Thai people who have been affected by the flooding. But unfortunately, I don't have time to come help, so I have sent some money and right now my mom wants to buy a boat to help them. I want to give strength to those who have been affected by the flooding. I hope that everyone will continue to fight through and I hope that everything will get better as soon as possible. I would also like to encourage those at home to help too because we Thais are all of the same blood.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egBYgG2YRH0
Translated by whiterose @ wild2day.org

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