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The Talented Next-Generation Idol Group
Come Back Special & Real Place

Lee Seungi, SHINee and now Teen Top - what do they all have in common? That’s right! They’ve all sung a love song dedicated to a noona, inheriting the title of “the nation’s little brothers” and fostering the “younger-guy syndrome.”

Debuting in 2010 with the song “Clap” and kicking off this year with “Supa Luv,” Teen Top have, along with Infinite, sparked the trend for coordinated dance performances. They’ve now made a comeback with the release of their mini-album “Roman.”

Here’s an exclusive interview about their mini-album, and we’ll also show you the lesson studio where the dance performances come from (and are practiced) until they’re perfected on stage!

New Song “No More Perfume on You”: the Subtle Gap between Noona and Girlfriend

The new title song, “No More Perfume on You,” is a dance song which balances a sophisticated melody and a trendy beat. The lyrics describe the temptation to cheat that somebody who has a girlfriend but longs for an older woman feels. Compared to the pure love for a “noona” that Lee Seungi and SHINee sang about, Teen Top’s lyrics, which depict the feeling of going back and forth between a girlfriend and an older woman and the thrilling date that a “bad boy” looks forward to, are completely different. On top of that, actress Park Siyeon’s appearance alongside Chunji in the music video attracted a lot of attention.

“The name Park Siyeon always came up for the actress we idolize, so I was really happy to be able to act with her. The first time we met, the fact that we have a 14 year age gap made it really difficult for me to act together, but thanks to her skillful lead, I became relaxed and I was able to act,” said vocalist Chunji.

Evolving through the production of Bang Shi Hyuk, The K-Pop World’s “Midas Touch”

Another reason that “No More Perfume on You” has drawn a lot of attention is the presence of famed producer Bang Shi Hyuk. One of the most influential producers in the K-Pop world at present, Bang Shi Hyuk (creator of 2AM’s major hit “Even if I Die I Can’t Let You Go” and other hit songs, called the “Midas Touch”) served as the songwriter and producer. Since the disbandment of national idol group g.o.d. in 2005, he had not come to produce a single song for an idol. “Perhaps our powerful performances moved producer Bang’s heart…?” leader C.A.P. said. “The first time we met, I thought he was really scary, but by the time we finished recording, we’d become friends and it was like he was my real big brother. I found out that he’s really a warm person with a sense of humour. I’m so happy that we were able to work with somebody like that!” he said.

You can also see in their dance performances that they are full of brilliant talent. Changjo, who shows the most powerful dance performances even among the team, described the choreography for this song. “The three highlights of this dance are pointing your finger at the person you love as if it’s a gun and making a motion as though you’re firing it, cutely appealing (showing aegyo) while moving your shoulders from side to side, and then putting your hands in your pockets and casually looking back (over your shoulder). As we thought these moves were easy for everybody to remember, we’re really happy when we see that many people actually memorized them and imitated them!”

Unlimited Potential is Teen Top’s Key Weapon!

Bang Shi Hyuk, who was in charge of producing this album, acclaimed Teen Top as the idol world’s “Next Generation.” But as many groups excelling in dance and vocal skills come on the scene one after the other, what could be Teen Top alone’s strongest weapon…? When we threw that final question out in our interview, Niel, L.Joe and Ricky spoke at the same time. “Teen Top, aside from one member, consists of teenagers, and we’re a group with unlimited potential. As well as going to school, we all keep up with seven hours of training (lessons) a day. Of course, this is in order to bring everybody an even more powerful stage performance. If we have the chance in the future, we’d like to advance into Japan and we’d like people (there) to see our live performances. Please wait for us until then, okay?”

translation by babyspaceangels@tumblr/momoironiel.com
1. “We’re not fighting!” Ricky has an innocent expression, while L.Joe looks serious.

2. Do the dance lesson as perfectly as the real thing! What’s the pink thing he’s using in place of the microphone?

3. Ricky, L.Joe and Chunji give a perfect performance without a single misstep. “Perfect your expressions, too!”

4. “Bend your neck more!” The other trio, Changjo, C.A.P. and Niel, also demand perfection.

5. “My mouth’s bigger!” Changjo and L.Joe, wearing a yellow hat, joke around together during a break. It’s just like looking in a mirror, isn’t it?

6. “Okay, let’s each pick a pose and try them out!” Everybody definitely looks good, but just Ricky looks a bit…

7. “Mr. Camera-man! Please do more of a close-up on me!” Niel gives us an expression full of confidence.

8. “C.A.P.’s the only one who turned the wrong way, isn’t he.” The five of them lined up are showing off a cool pose, aren’t they?

9. “Ricky, your body’s flexible, isn’t it?” This is Ricky’s solo performance scene, but isn’t he going to fall over like that… We’re worried…
10. “Okay, next, from the back…” It was just practice, but they gave us a performance just like it was the real thing.

11. “If you push your hair back like this sometimes…” The members study sexy movements.

12. “Feet shoulders’ width apart!” Little by little, the six of them begin to focus on the dance lesson.

13. “C.A.P. loves joking around!” Looking pleased, C.A.P. jokes with Ricky, who’s eagerly eating pizza.

14. “By our powers combined!” C.A.P. and L.Joe decide on a cool pose!

15. Chunji, who’s known as “Little Nichkhun.” If it’s singing, then sing! If it’s dancing, then dance! Even though the practice room is hot, they keep repeating the training.

16. Eating pizza after practice is the best! “This is definitely the flavour!” Changjo has his fill of pizza with sweet potato sauce. “If you can eat this much, you should be getting offers to do pizza commercials!”

translation by babyspaceangels@tumblr/momoironiel.com