[Trans] Kim Heechul’s military group leader’s message on Suju’s official website

Heechul ah, you worked hard for the 4 weeks! Training days became very interesting and happy because of you. I don’t know where I should go to express my gratitude, so i came here. Haha. Actually, I wasn’t very familiar with Suju and Kim Heechul became you came into the training centre. You let me know more about a popular singer with real abilities. You will start work as a civil service personnel tomorrow. You must be healthy! I’m looking forward to your cool return 2 years later! I can feel that although you’re cheerful on the outside, you’re actually very worried about the future. I think that you worried about your leg the most right? You must receive treatment for it well. Everyone in the training centre, who spent time with the universe big star, is looking forward to seeing a more handsome artiste! Oh!! You forgot to give me an autographed CD.. Hmm.. I will remember it. Haha. Next year, which Suju member will come? Haha. Will he become my team member… Should I go and apply to be Suju’s dedicated team leader? Haha. Kim Heechul, fighting!

Source: Super Junior Official Website Korean to Chinese translation: 梦希_ @ weibo
Chinese to English translation: @heequeenTing
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