[Trans] INFINITE group interview in K-RUSH Vol.2 published in Japan on 23rd October

Interviewer: Congratulations for you to take 1st place by “Be Mine” in M!Countdown for your very first time. How did you feel then?

Sunggyu: My thought was full of thankful feeling to everyone that could be kindly supported us. But I was spaced out in that moment,I forgot to say lots of their names in “thanks to” comments,I’m sorry.

Woohyun: I felt our effort finally paid off. I remembered our trainee period and I cried my heart out.

Dongwoo: I cried so hard. My production staff got appalling on me and told me later,”Control your face expressions as entertainer.” (LOL) But that was really best moment in my whole life,I guess I can never feel more impressive happiness once again.

Sungjong: In that night,all of us celebrated our glory with president of production company and managers. We ate delicious foods and talked “It’s getting more important from now on,so let’s make effort.”

Sungyeol: I couldn’t join and eat good foods. Because I had schedule of drama recording… (sob)

Interviewer: Now,in the future- What kind of group does INFINITE want to be?

Sunggyu: We would like to be liked by lots of people,beyond gender or generation.

Woohyun: Just like our name “INFINITE”,we should be as group infinitely growing up. I want to continue activity with guts like “I will never show same figure twice.”

Dongwoo: Never stuck on one thing,I want to challenge everything!

L: From now on,10 years,20 years,30 years passed… I’m glad if we could be role model of young generation.

Interviewer: PV of new song “Paradise” is profound,isn’t it?

Dongwoo: To speak about music,emotional melody line is impressive. But lyrics feels intense. Like this way, “I will be dead if you’re not staying around.” Death as motif appears in MV,tailored to such extreme song. Among fans,there’s discussion that “which is dead,woman and man?” We interpret “man is dead.”

Interviewer: Your concerts in Japan in September were all sold out. How do you feel?

Sunggyu: There were fans crying while they looked us,and I was about to cry. But I’m strong man so I didn’t!

Woohyun: I’m thankful only they came to concert,all of fans looked at us with glittering eyes. I was so grateful. I like all of you!

Dongwoo: Although we haven’t done official debut in Japan,fans called each name of us,sang together with us… It was wonderful. But I had heartache to see fans in very front of stage,they looked painful pushed by too many fans.

Sungyeol: Standing on stage,looking into eyes of fans,I can understand how they’re feeling. So there was no language barrier between us,right?

Sungjong: I had no solo performance and I did with 2 members,so I wanna perform only by myself next time!

Interviewer: What is memorable experience in Japan?

Hoya: We went to play in Shibuya&Roppongi!

Sungyeol: We went to Donkihote (*Various goods shop,famous in Japan) in Roppongi!

Dongwoo: Anyway we couldn’t buy anything because of expensive price. (sob)

Interviewer: Here in Japan,selling of debut single is fixed! How do you want to promote in Japan?

Woohyun: We would like to communicate with fans through music. So like this time,we want to hold concert for many times.

Sungyeol: I want to act in Japanese drama,just like L. Honestly I was so envious!

L: I wanna eat lots of nice foods.

Interviewer: To talk about INFINITE,-it’s DANCE! How did you come to bring out 99.9% synchronized dancing?

Woohyun: There’s only one way, -practicing! We practiced 18 hours everyday.

Hoya: We moved as other member’s shadow. It’s repeat of practicing,same actions for many times.

Sungyeol: Recording videos of our dancing,we have checked it everyday. Then we can see immediately who is out of position.

Dongwoo: We all members discuss while watching it. Even if Magnae(Sungjong) pointed out someone’s failure,no one never gets angry. Because it’s kindly consideration for all of us.

Sunggyu: Moreover,we never give up until all members complete dancing. We make effort together. That’s why we can do it.

Interviewer: In fact,do you have pride on synchronization ratio?

Woohyun: To talk about it,we are absolutely the best!

Sunggyu: We have confident on group dancing,in that team work is most important thing.

Dongwoo: I want fans to put eyes on our individual attractiveness,as well as group dancing. We change our “color”. Bright songs,dark songs,up tempo songs,heavy taste songs…we can adjust to any styles of songs. That’s our strong point!

Hoya: In early days we tried to match our dancing however we didn’t know the right way. But these days we got able to dance harmonized well,making use of our special features.

Dongwoo: In our songs,there are lots of points danced by all of us,without lack of member. Anyway we can do it instead of trying hard,because we are staying together everyday. (LOL)

credit: (http://sunnytrain.tumblr.com)