Super Junior SHAKE hits the charts in less than a day

- No. 1 music app in the App Store in all of Southeast Asia
- Ranked second in Twitter World Trends
- YouTube selected its promotional video as the most viewed
- dooub seeks to expand the platform by developing an Android version

Global content provider, dooub, Inc. ( announced that its rhythm-action game, Super Junior SHAKE, the first of the Musician SHAKE Project with SM Entertainment, made immediate impact across the world.

Since releasing the game, the app has become the top ranked music app on the App Store in Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Its popularity quickly spread to Korea, Japan, and China, as well as in the Middle East and Latin America.

Super Junior SHAKE was also ranked second in Twitter World Trends last Friday, and its promotional video has gone viral as one of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

According to Apple iTunes’ Top Grossing list, Super Junior SHAKE has surpassed its top competitors in terms of revenue, which proves its new business model for mobile devices is working as expected, according to dooub.

The developer is receiving many positive reactions from fans across the world. Many are expressing how excited they are to see their superstars appear on a music game, playing to their favorite tunes. To satisfy those Android users, dooub is preparing to expand its platform, and the Android version of Super Junior SHAKE will be the first.

dooub seeks to continue this trend by releasing an update, which will include new tracks and new pictures for the Card System. For more information, visit their Facebook page at, where you can participate in a special event to receive Super Junior concert ticket and signed CD’s.

1) About dooub, Inc. (
Started as apalms, Inc. in 2009, dooub, Inc. was founded and headquartered in Seoul in 2011 with its focus on connecting people through mobile and web-based applications.

dooub has released several games and applications for mobile devices and Facebook, which amassed 1.3 million total users across the world.

Boom SHAKE, a rhythm-action game that has become the backbone of the Musician SHAKE Project, has been released for iOS and was ranked No. 1 in the music category in the US.

SoulCity, a maritial compatibility test application using LBS, was ranked No. 1 overall in the App Store Korea.

Location Notes, the first iOS application from dooub, is one of the first service that utilizes LBS to SNS.
Puppy Nation, dooub’s first social network game, is a real-time 3D pet simulation for Facebook.
Further information on dooub, Inc. and its games can be found at

2) About Musician SHAKE Project
The Musician SHAKE Project, led by dooub, is a rhythm-action game platform for individual artists. The project is currently focusing on releasing music games for K-Pop singers, and soon, it plans to broaden its genre and culture including indie music.

This platform allows artists to freely express their music and spread their concepts across the world.
dooub has collaborated with SM Entertainment in making the first output of the project, Super Junior SHAKE, which will be released in October 2011. The next in line is Girl’s Generation SHAKE, which is expected to hit the market around November.