[Picture] Suzy's pre-debut pictures revealed

miss A Suzy's trainee day photo has been surfacing and a hot search online.

On October 19th, a post titled “miss A Suzy Trainee Day Pictures” was posted on a local online community board and is making waves among netizens.

Suzy was picked up at the Superstar K preliminaries by a JYP insider and soon debuted as a member of miss A. Since her trainee years were so short, there are not very many pictures available, but from these few uploaded photos, Suzy proved that she was born a natural beauty.

Some netizens believe Suzy was just as beautiful then as she is today, while some was amazed by the beauty emanating from her without makeup.

They left comments, "She was born a celebrity", “She’s seriously the prettiest idol”, “She was a goddess then too!” and “She’s definitely a natural beauty

Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net