[Picture] After School Jung Ah's scary eyes

After School Jung Ah uploaded a photo on her Twitter.

On October 24th, she tweeted "Scary eyes JjungJjung~ I can be frightening when I get mad^^ Hehe~ Look at my eyes~ Uh~ Scary~ It’s all because of Kim Uie".

In the attached photo, Jung Ah is seen staring with her sharp eyes onto the camera. She claimed to look scary, however fans find it adorable.

Her fellow After School member Raina then replied and had a short conversation:

Raina: "Look cute to me kekeke like a naughty kid!"

Jung Ah: "I am pretty naughty lately~^^ hehehe You do know that you were so cute yesterday right? O Raeng Zombie hehehe"

Raina: "kekekeke was scared that i would make a miskate on the amulet (yesterday’s performace) so i was concentrating..let have a date soon..ㅜ"

Jung Ah: "we should go on a date~we have to prepare a date when we have time hehhe"

Continuing the fun, Jung Ah later uploaded new photo which aroused laughter from fans.

Source: Jung Ah, Raina's Twitter
Translation: Afterschooldaze
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net