[News] Who wears it better? Actress Kim Sun Ah or SNSD’s Jessica ?

Actress Kim Sun Ah and SNSD’s Jessica were noticed to be wearing same dress.

Actress Kim Sun Ah appeared in 16th Busan Film Festival on October 6th wearing a cute apricot colored dress with her hair up.

On the other hand, in "Love Your W" breast cancer campaign held on 20th Jessica from SNSD appeared wearing same dress as the actress. In her case, she appeared like an innocent young lady with her long wavy hair.

But if you look closely, there are difference in details of the dress, such as the ribbon for example. Jessica's ribbon placed a little above her waist compared to Sun Ah because of the height difference.

Netizens responded, "They did wear almost same dress!","They are both looking pretty.","Kim is prettier but Jessica is always the goddess." and so on.

Source: TVReport
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net