[News] U-Kiss to shoot 3D music video for "Someday"

Due to Leader Soohyun’s throat troubles, U-Kiss had to halt their “Neverland” activities and instead returned with their ballad song “Someday”. On October 30th, Kevin revealed that U-Kiss is currently filming the music video for their follow-up track.

Kevin tweeted via U-Kiss official Twitter, "We’re currently filming a 3D music video for ‘Someday’!! Please look forward to it~". He then retweeted it on his account, "We are shooting a 3D MV for SOMEDAY at SBS~ We’ll be coming out of ur TVs lol."

U-Kiss is currently in midst of wrapping up their domestic and oversees activities for this year.

Source: @ukisskorea, @kevinwoo91
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net