[News] U-Kiss Kevin & Eli "Together” with Jamosa Jacket Shoot BTS

7-members male group, U-Kiss’ members, Kevin (19) and Eli (20) and R&B Singer, JAMOSA’s (28) collaborative single “Together” will be on sale on December 7th. Thereupon, Kan Fun was able to go and exclusively follow [them] to a Tokyo studio at the beginning of October for the CD jacket shoot. Let [us] give you a first look at the trio’s valuable shoot.

The trio’s laughter echoed many times over in the studio. Conversations were mainly in English, when Kevin who was born in San Francisco and Eli who was born in Washington, D.C checked over the photos saying “OK!!” and clapped, JAMOSA, who grew up in Virginia [responded with] “It’s better” and gave the “GO” sign. The shoot progressed in an harmonious atmosphere.

The unit’s name is “JAMOSA + KEVIN & ELI (from U-KISS)”. JAMOSA, who is experienced with collaborating with influential artists, was captivated by U-Kiss’ song this summer. Since [her] connection [with them] is America (T/N: in other words, since they are all from the US), [she] is able to get together with Kevin and Eli. (T/N: She’s able to approach them for a collaboration)

Recording [for the song] has already ended by this time. With “bonds” as its theme, a number that will grant the listener courage after [the song is] finished. Dressed in Khaki jackets and white shirts for the shoot, the duo from U-Kiss, as well as JAMOSA, who was in an unique jacket imaged after the sky and the sea, were able to easily respond to the various demands for the [different] cuts.

When seeing them like this, JAMOSA praised “Isn’t this perfect? Both of them are posing efficiently like pros.” Facing that, Kevin spoke, “I wonder if it’s because of the clothes… It feels as if Eli and I are princes protecting the princess. No, [more like] bodyguards? Of course, the princess is JAMOSA.” After that, everyone brust into laughter.

On the other hand, regarding the new unit, rapper Eli said, “We would like to show a different side of U-Kiss other than just dancing.” This winter, K-Pop idols and strong R&B sensation will bring about a new chemical reaction to the Japanese music scene.

Cr. (scans) : satomama13
Translations: luvabolic @ tumblr