[News] TVXQ, Showing Off Their Magnificent Popularity at the “New York-Korea Festival”

On the broadcast of the “New York-Korea Festival” on October 22 on KBS2 TV, TVXQ’s captured the eyes of the audience with their glorious stage.

The audience went wild when TVXQ appeared on stage at the last of the 1st part of the concert. The audience sang along passionately with TVXQ’s cool performances for “Why (Keep Your Head Down” and “Rising Sun”, and images of the audience who could not help but be awestruck by TVXQ were broadcast.

The “New York-Korea Festival” is a specially planned program by KBS to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Korea’s entry into the United nations. It was held on October 9 at 7 pm (American local time) in New Jersey and the live performances were recoded.

Meanwhile, other than TVXQ, performers included K-pop stars at centers of the Hallyu wave, 2PM, SHINee, 4Minute, BEAST, Sistar, G.NA, and Patti Kim, In Sooni, soprano Hong Hye kyun, baritone Ryeo Hyun Goo, classical musican Kim Young In, singers Jang Sa Ik, Seol Woon Do, Tae Jin Ah, Kim Tae Woo and Maya.

Source: TV Report
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