[NEWS] Taeyang’s cryptic tweet has the fans and even Se7en baffled

Fans are both curious and concerned for Big Bang’s Taeyang‘s cryptic message on Twitter.

Taeyang tweeted on the 1st, “You think I don’t know but I know everything. You think I’m being deceived but I’m only pretending to not know” and he didn’t leave any clues to whom he was sending the message to or why.

Taeyang’s senior colleague at YG, Seven replied to the tweet, “What’s wrong Youngbae (Taeyang’s real name) hey~ You and I should meet… let’s meet up next week!! ^^” and it seemed like he was trying to calm Taeyang down.

To add fuel to the fire Minji later retweeted with a simple message, “Ditto.”

Fans are making all sorts of speculations of what’s really going on in the conversation Taeyang and Seven had on twitter. Some have said, “Maybe the members of Big Bang are not getting along”, “Is it the season of autumn that’s causing him to be this way”, “Maybe it has something to do with the management company”, and all sorts of ifs and maybes were said.

Source: Nate
Translation by JJ @ kpopfever.com