[News] Taeyang and HyunA chosen as "The next Rain and Hyori"

On this week's episode of MBC Everyone's "Weekly Idol", Big Bang’s Taeyang and 4minute’s HyunA were picked by other idol singers to be “The Next Rain and Hyori”.

During the show, a survey asked the group of real-life idols to pick “five idol singers with the most potential to follow in the success of Rain and Hyori”. Taeyang and HyunA received the most votes beating out B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang, Jay Park, SNSD’s Yuri, and G.NA. More suprisingly, most members of Infinite, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, and B1A4 voted for HyunA which caught the interest of the fans.

MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol” has recently getting a lot of attention for the segment, “Real Chart! Idol’s Self-Ranking”, a survey asking popular idol singers. This week's survey heated up due to the recent enlisment of Rain in the army, while Hyori is busy spending her time on show-hosting roles.

Meanwhile, MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol” will be aired on October 22nd.

Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net