[News] Rain reveals handwritten letter through base cafe

Rain joined the military as an active soldier and revealed a handwritten letter on their online site and said he is the professional counselor in his team.

The recruit team he is in revealed this handwritten letter on October 24th through their official site.

He wrote, "I am getting your letters well and fine. It really helps to read them".

He continued, "I am getting along well with my teammates. I am glad I am experiencing things I haven't been able to in society".

"The age gap between my fellow recruits goes from 7 years to 11 years at maximum. I am their official counselor now".

Finally, he said, "I am well in division five. I am lonely and tired or cold and hungry sometimes but still happy at the simplicity of it. I am reading all your letters so don't worry and my handwriting has always been bad".

Those who have seen his letter say, "Cheep up, I will not turn my back on you" and more which led up to 400 comments.

Source: Nate
Translation: hancinema