[News] Park Myung Soo rejects Gain's duet offer

Brown Eyed Girls member Gain reveals that Park Myung Soo rejected her duet offer.

On 2oth broadcast of Mnet's Beatles Code, Host Jong Sin questioned Gain, "Park Myung Soo really rejects your duet offer, is that true?"

Gain answered, "From what i heard he did. The agency offered him the song "Udon" (hot noodles) which is a duet song as a winter version of "Naengmyun" (cold noodles) the one he did with Jessica from SNSD. Then I heard that Park Myung Soo rejected it."

She continues, "I don't have any idea but all of a sudden I am the person who got rejected by Park Myung Soo," and laughed.

On that episode, guests like HuhGak and Lee Seung Chul also appear.

Source: TVReport
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net