[News] Orange Caramel Gains Attention from their Unique Presence

After coming back with their latest single “Shanghai Romance” Orange Caramel has gained attention for their unique concept and stage outfits.

Last week on October 16th Orange Caramel gained a lot of attention when they wore outfits similar to one Bruce Lee wore for their comeback performance on Inkigayo. This week the group managed to top both that outfit and performance by wearing “Jiang Shi” style clothing. A jiang shi is known as a Chinese “hopping” vampire or zombie found in Chinese legends and folklore (via Wiki).

A representative from Pledis stated, “Orange Caramel’s stage costumes and their performances for viewers are expected to delight everyone!…There will be changes in the future, please anticipate”.

With unique choreography that incorporated many fun and aegyo parts the result was a exotic performance. Due to this it is no surprise Orange Caramel has gained a lot of favorable attention.

Credit: Paran + Blurb: AfterSchoolDaze