[News] New Group My Name, “Which Group Do You Want To Be Like? TVXQ”

“TVXQ is really a perfect group… we want to be like them”

All 5 members answered “TVXQ”.

Kon Woo – “TVXQ sunbae-nim really seem perfect. There is nothing lacking in their singing, dancing and performance. When we see how they do so well in every aspect, we think that there is no group which is as perfect as them.”

In order to become a perfect group like TVXQ, they placed emphasis on “hard work” and “doing well”.

In Soo & Sae Yong – “All groups work hard, don’t they? Working hard is a definite must and we want to be able to “do well”.

[note: only TVXQ-related parts have been translated.]

Source: naver
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