[NEWS] MTV EMA Worldwide Act Nominee Spotlight: Big Bang

From MTV EMA's Official Blog:

This week, we’re spotlighting each of the five Worldwide Act nominees, and today it’s all about BIGBANG. The South Korean boy band beat out Agnes Monica, Exile, Gotye, Jane Zhang, Jay Chou, and Sia for the honour of being the first act to represent Asia Pacific in the race for the new Worldwide Act EMA.

As their moniker might suggest, BIGBANG make a splash, with their catchy hip-hop/dance pop and their suave fashion style—and after attaining megastardom in their home country, they’re starting to gain recognition internationally.

The five-piece group (Daesung, G-Dragon, Seungri, Taeyang, and T.O.P.) topped the charts in 2007 with their single “Lies” in Korea and won the Seoul Music Award for Artist of the Year—among other honours—that year. BIGBANG went on to amass fans in Japan and win awards there. They scored Best Pop Video and Best New Artist trophies at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2010.

After a hiatus when the group members focused on pursuing side and solo projects, they returned with a—wait for it—bang. Their 2011 release ‘Tonight’ was the first K-pop, or South Korean pop, album to hit the iTunes top 10.

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