[NEWS] Lim Jae Bum compliments FT Island Lee Hong Ki’s voice from “Confession”

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki sang “Confession” and Lim Jae Bum complimented him.

Lee Hong Ki stood up on the performance stage at UC Berkeley with the music expedition of Gone with the Wind of MBC TV, aired on the 16th.

He was complimented by the guests and staffs as a good vocalist but got cold feet in front of Lim Jae Bum. So Lim Jae Bum called Lee Hong Ki separately and advised him, “I can see you are afraid of getting scolded. But a singer shouldn’t be like that. You should sing more confidently.”

On this, Lee Hong Ki took the advice sang “Confession” on the stage, proving himself as a good vocalist. After his stage, Lim Jae Bum said, “it was good. Lee Hong Ki already has the shifting sound that only Rock singers have,” complimenting him.

Source: TV Report
Translation: Korea.com
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