[News] Kim Wan Sun coming back with Yong Jun Hyung with a song "Be Quiet"

Singer Kim Wan Sun and Yong Jun Hyung will come back with a song called "Be Quiet".

This electronic dance song, Be Quiet was produced and written by both Shinsadong Tiger and Yong Jun Hyung and it also great to see that Yong Jun Hyung featured the song and also appeared in the music video.

His featuring rapping was known from the songs HyunA's Change and G.NA's I'll Get Off So You Could Live Better.

According to Kim Wan Sun's agency," Once you hear Yong Jun Hyung's produced song for the first time, this song will get you addicted. Kim Wan Sun who is known for dance, will show the audiences with a new performance with the song."

CREDITS: StarNNews (SOURCE); Cazsdancebuddy@B2ST RISING (TRANS)