[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong Donates 7 Tons of Rice to Support 29 Underfed Children for a Year

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is donating 7 tons of rice for one year for the children whose family finances are difficult.

On behalf of Kim Jaejoong, on the 12th the rice wreath (firm) Dreamie visited the Nationwide Children Center Council and relayed the deed of gift for the 7 tons of Dreamie rice wreaths. To 29 children for a year starting this month, 20kg of rice from Dreamie will be sent per month.

The 7 tons of rice wreaths that JYJ’s Kim Jaejong has donated are the Kim Jaejoong Support Dreamie Rice Wreaths that the fandoms of 28 countries such as Korea, the USA, Great Britain, China, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Peru, Qatar, and Ukraine have sent to the Production Presentation Conference for the SBS drama Protect the Boss in July to wish its success.

The 29 children were chosen by the Nationwide Children Center Council from the nominations received from around 4000 Regional Children Centers.

It has become known that Kim Jaejoong had discussed with his family to come to the decision to sponsor for one year the 29 children who are underfed.

Source: TVDaily; TV Report
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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