[News] JYJ Reveals Score For New CM Song

The pharmaceutical company that JYJ is endorsing has revealed the score for the CM song on their website, garnering attention from the public.

On the released music score, a portion of the lyrics could be seen, "If you're tired, look at me; take my hand, don't be hurting. Through your hurting heart and sad tears, I'll be here." The straightforward lyrics are filled with concern for their lover and expresses perfectly the heart of a man who wants to protect his lover.

The many netizens who heard the background music and saw the score commented:
  • "My headache has disappeared~"
  • "There'll be big trouble if it really hurts~"
  • "Looking at the score, you can really feel JYJ's emotions as they sang and their heart~"
Also, an official expressed, "The song for this CM was specially created to fit JYJ. It was created through a collaboration between the music director and well known composer eenaan.

Furthermore, this CM song by JYJ will be released from 1 October onwards.

Source: [KoreaStarDaily]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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