[News] INFINITE “Secret talk * about Private Room”

“We moved to our new dormitory!”

So far,you used to watch their dormitory as main stage of TV programs…like “You are my brother”&”Sesame player”. Finally INFINITE said goodbye to the place. Gift for celebration of 1st place in music show(?),they moved to wider house. They boasted about new house!

Woohyun: Anyhow floor is made by gorgeous marble!

Sunggyu: Wait,wait. Your words make misunderstanding trouble. All rooms have marble floor in the apartment. Our room isn’t special. (LOL)




They have 3 bed rooms. They said share friends are naturally decided.

1,Hoya&Sungjong’s room

Hoya: It’s easy to stay. Because Sungjong is first to clean up room if I ask him.

Sungjong: I’m feeling easy,Hoya hyung(*brother) helps me. We support each other to tidy up our room. Our room should be most clean. Besides,Hoya hyung knows well about wits of how to live,I can learn a lot from him.

Hoya: The good point in staying with Sungjong,is that I can ask him doing anything for me. (LOL) But anyway,I prefer own my room alone.

Sungjong: What!? Ok,now I have something to tell you. Make sure to squeeze floor cloth!

2,Sunggyu&Woohyun’s room

Sunggyu: Since I get along with Woohyun,we have never had quarrel. So I have nothing especially to ask him.

Woohyun: I have something to tell you. I love you. (LOL)

Sunggyu: Thanks. (LOL) Our room is peaceful. No one mess up.

Woohyun: I don’t know why but our room is something unclean.

Sunggyu: Because of too many clothes. But new room has big closet,so we can put them into closet completely!

3,Dongwoo,Sungyeol&L’s room

Sungyeol: Our room’s rule is “you’re gonna die if you put things on floor!”

L: If there’s something on floor,everyone think he can do it like that. That’s human psychology,right? So I try not to put things on floor as possible as I can. You know,Dongwoo hyun!

Dongwoo: Eh,I put nothing in our room! Now you’re the worst that put lots of things in our room!?

L: Those are baggage ready to be sent.

Sungyeol: Hey hey,don’t argue,get along!!

Dongwoo: But we should tell the truth!

L: I got it. I’m gonna send my baggage sooner.

Source: sunnytrain tumblr