[News] How Much Do Famous Music Producers Make?

Famous songwriters can make an astounding sum of money a month.

On a broadcast of Seungseung Jang-gu (On A Roll) on KBS2 on October 25th, some of the most famous songwriters and producers were featured:  Brave Brother, Shinsadong Tiger.

Kahi of After School was a surprise guest, and she revealed a past conversation she had with  Brave Brother regarding his monthly salary. She had asked him how much he made a month, to receive a vague answer of "Two bills!". She pressed further, "2 million won?" (roughly $1,800). The Brave Brother scoffed, "Are you kidding me?!" Kahi revealed that she thinks he had meant not even just 200 million won (roughly $175,000), but 2 billion won (roughly $1.8 million).

On the show, the Brave Brother admitted to earning about 5 billion won (about $4.4 million) over the past four years. This is after various production costs are subtracted from his gross monthly pay.

As for Shinsadong Tiger, he joked that if he were to reveal his pay on air, his parents would end up depending on him too much. He did admit during a particularly well-paid month, he would earn about 100 million won (roughly $88,000). But he said it comes with a price, as if he were to take even a day off, his monthly pay would shrink considerably.

When both producers were asked which songs brought in the most money for them, the Brave Brother answered with Son Dambi's "On A Saturday Night" and After School's "Because Of You". Shinsadong Tiger answered with T-ara's "Bo Peep Bo Peep", Beast's "Fiction", and 4minute's "Music". He then added that when Kim Jong-gook's "Pick Her Up" was chosen to be used in a commercial, it was worth several songs.

Source: KBS Global