[NEWS] G.NA and Nam Jihyun's Sunglasses Self-Camera

Singer G.NA revealed a photo of her together with 4minute's Nam Jihyun.

She uploaded the photo on her Twitter account on 9th October with a caption, "Leader Nam to the Ji Ji Ji and I. We were waiting on line and she keeps on working hard on her 'A Thousand Kisses' script. You're amazing! Let's catch the weekend drama live!"

We can see G.NA and Nam Jihyun posing side by side with their sunglasses. They attract attention for their superior appearance and sister-like appearance (because of their similar hairstyle).

Netizens saw the photo and showed some feedback, 'Both of you are really pretty', 'You guys look friendly like a real sister', 'Both of you look good with sunglasses', etc.

Source: Nate
Translating & editing: dianapetrina@4-minute.com
Thanks to kaori. for the tip.