[NEWS] F(x)-Kara-4minute, From Sexy to Cute

F(x)-Kara-4minute, Throwing Away Their Sexiness and Transforms Into Cuties, Matching Their Age
Girl groups' sexiness, toughness, and powerful style is currently filling the music industry.

The member of the groups are girls around 10s-20s, but it's not easy to find a cute and youthful anymore on the stage. But we can see their young and lively image that matches their age in drama, sitcom, variety shows, etc.

The representatives are f(x)'s Krystal, Kara's Kang Jiyoung, and 4minute's Jeon Jiyoon. Let's find about about their cute and youthful fashion style.

The definition of Krystal's lively style

Krystal who is famous for her abs has been showing some sexy images through her performances. But in the MBC Sitcom 'High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged' we can see another color of her.

Her character in the sitcom is a student with a boyish and natural personality. To match the personality, she usually wear colorful casual outfits to fit the comfortable and sporty image.

In the famous scene of 'ppuing ppuing', she wore a hoodie and t-shirt that showed her cute charm. She wore the Elstinko hoodie and saved the character's image.

The definition of Kang Jiyoung's cuteness

She might be the youngest in the girl group industry, but she always appeals audiences with her sexy and strong feel. Her appearance in SBS 'Running Man' became a hot topic. She wore a simple navy t-shirt and an elstinko hat, that shows an image of a girl in her 10s.

Not only her fashion style, her running image and full-of-wit style also attracts attention. She does not lose her cute and youthful image.

The definition of Jeon Jiyoon's cuteness

Jeon Jiyoon was in charge of a boyish voice and neutral charms. But she successfully showed another side of her through 'Immortal Song 2' with her dark and appealing vocal.

But in 'Heart to Heart' MV, we can see her with an elstinko hat and t-shirt. She showed a stylish and casual look for the MV and bought the interest of the fans.

Source: Nate
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