[News] From Yunho to Gong Hyo Jin, Who Are The Stars Who Have Used The Same Hat?

Recently, from idols to actresses, celebrities who have been using the same hats have been gathering buzz.

Because the celebrities featured in the photos are top-notch fashionistas who are active in the entertainment circle, ranging from various fields such as dramas, variety, movies, singers etc, even more attention has been gathered. Even when they appear on broadcasts with a natural feel, these people who can create news with just their ability to wear clothes well are always able to maintain their stylish look.

Even with a comfortable outfit, they are still able to excude a fashionable feel, and the item “hat” has a huge part to play in that. Like the saying that goes “Fashion is not completed by just wearing clothes well”, in order to show off a sophisticated appearance from head to toe, these people have chosen hat fashion.

Although they are obviously using the same hats, through their hat fashion which complements their individual characters, they have shown off images of different colors and gathered much attention. From now on, we will analyze the similar hat fashion of these sophisticated fashionistas.

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho showed off his sophisticated airport fashion which comprised of a checkered Jillby Stuart By Hats’s On Fedora hat. The brown tartan checks stood out on the hat, and compared to the U-Know Yunho who oozes charisma on the stage, he showed off a classic and dandy style.

Jang Hyuk, who had recently appeared in the movie “The Client”, also used the same hat recently. Although they are of the same design, Jang Hyuk used a different color from U-Know Yunho — grey. With a simple mannish look, he chose this fedora as the “point” item and showed off a stylish feel.

Leessang’s Gary, who is currently active in SBS “Running Man”, discarded his present image as a hip-hopper when he appeared on a talk-show, showing off a relaxed style. Using the same hat as U-Know Yunho and Jang Hyuk, he moved away from an everyday natural style to appear with a sophisticated formal look.

[note: only Yunho-related parts have been translated.]

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