[NEWS] Even if it is only 0.01%, FTIsland & CNBLUE still contribute to the rise of their band

FTIsland and CNBLUE's company, FNC Music's representative, Han Sung Ho

FNC Music's representative Han Sung-Ho was a singer before. He, along with Jo Sung Mo in the 1990s, began to compose music, experienced the hardships of being a singer, and finally switched to becoming a composer and producer. Seeing idol groups who trained in dancing for a couple of years, he who played in a band during his student years, began to feel that "if we use this time to teach them instruments, they could become a band." The result of this thought is the birth of the idol band group, FTIsland and CNBLUE.

The so-called difference between "producer" and "planner" of Han Sung Ho

"If we say Lee Hongki's voice (FTIsland's lead singer) is very appealing, then Jung Yonghwa's (CNBLUE's lead singer) is a little more of a modern feel, and the rhythm is very good. If we say FTIsland's melody is more beautiful, then CNBLUE's is a little more of the main stream or the pop type."

Although a new wave of domestic pop music appeared in the nation, the market of band groups is still not great. But Han Sung Ho said "The time from the beginning of the US Army's band to that of Shin Jung Hyeon's still demanded for bands, but it was just during the 1990s that there was a bland period." They have thought about "are we really going to be in a band", but if it can satisfy theirs and the staffs' music, then it can possibly satisfy the general people; it was this confidence that drove him forward.

However, simply producing an album and creating a group is different. Because not only is he responsible for the music, but also for the artists' every movement, performances and such. Representative Han said "Because of the common point "the one making the music," the realtionship between celebrity and producer has become a little closer, but being the "creator/founder," we must keep some distance"; he clearly said that, "If we say that in the past, we were like friends supporting them by their sides, then right now we need to be in front of them, pulling them forward."

"Now we can say "CNBLUE's plagiarism allegations' "Impact and Scars"

After FTIsland, CNBLUE debuted in Janurary 2010. CNBLUE's debut song "I'm a Loner" was affected by the allegations. They group Ynot believed that they copied their song "Blue Bird." Even after clearing their accusations through lawsuit, there are still sayings like "is this what you called a band" that taunted the newly debuted CNBLUE.

"It feels like "high trees attract more wind" **. At first it feels that those who make music have empathy, but the opposition between the independent and the mainstream has reached the limit; we're even stubborn with music. It really hurt me and brought me a great impact. After being misunderstood for one time, I've become more cautious. Although it's impossible to listen to every song out there, I still have to check more carefully."

Maybe it's spending money that rid the calamities. After CNBLUE debuted, in a blink of an eye, they received the first place award of a music program, and also received the title like the great new group (*something like that). Because of Representative Han's principle that "You can only debut once you accumulated enough of stage experiences," they delayed their debut in Korea for a year, and went to perform independently in Japan. Because CNBLUE accumulated stage experiences in the developing band music market of Japan, it's common to hear people say that they "trained old" during their debut." Representative Han planned to have his next year's new boy band to accumulate stage experiences in Japan too.

"Honestly, this year we were suppose to release a girl band, but we have to delay until the start of next year. FTIsland has began to recieve beautiful performance records in Japan, CNBLUE should start debutting in the mainstream market of Japan. You could say that that is the important time to prepare for their start. If you say that the 5 years from establishing FNC Music to the present that I am only creating bands of my style, then right now it is experiencing changes. We will begin to release new groups starting next year January, at least a group of 3 will debut in a year. Next year we will show what we have so far, and maybe release a family album or start a concert."

"The singing voice depends on the voice and talent, and the instruments depends on being down to earth."

Representative Han said to his artists that "because there is no band music market, there will be bias, and maybe there will be people attacking you guys, but by doing more, you will be praised."

About the noticings of bands amidst of the C'est si bon, he said that "FTIsland and CNBLUE, more or less, contributed 0.01%." What about the results? The group team in Mnet "Super Star K3" received a number of registration, and one of the band invaded. And KBS 2TV also broadcasted 'Top Band'. There are more people who wanted to be in a band during the talent show. Representative Han said that what's been common in these people who wanted to become trainees is being "down to earth."

"Although most voice depends on talents, but instruments are different. Because they can't improve in a short term, they use their eyes to ensure their improvements. Only when you work hard that you will see improvements at some point. The voice/singing, I think is only natural in sound and tone, but the instruments are down to earth and sincere. Within those who are going to debut, someone named JUNIEL (Reporter: JUNIEL is the same as that of the Japanese version 'Super Star K's 'Rainbow Supernova'* who is a high school girl won. Already signed contract with Warner Music Japan, she will debut officially in Japan in November.) She was already outstanding since trainees day. She practiced the guitar to the degree where she couldn't play anymore because of the blisters on her hands. She's a little kid that will suprise you whenever you see her, and she can also write music.

Although Representative Han ended his 7 years of "long time love" and entered the hall (where you get married), he is afraid to think about summer vacation. He said, "Although it was better than the dating times, I felt that shouldn't I focus more on my career"; he placed his company's artists into he private life. When asked about "have you thought about releasing your own album," Representative said, "Perhaps I will if there will be more encouragements, but so far I haven't planned anything." His ultimate goal is to make FNC into a strong and unique integrated entertainment company.

"SM Entertainment can be said to be the leader of the industry. Although there's many more companies behind them, my dream is to learn about strong points from them, and also add in my style, making the company into a good company. I want to create a company where the company and artists are interdependent."

** meaning "famous people in a high position is liable to be attacked" - nciku.com

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