[News] Cube Ent, First Hallyu Stage in South America?

Cube Entertainment has opened their concert stage in South Korea, Japan, East Asia, and even in England. They're receiving some extraordinary interest from the music industry because of their plan on opening a concert in South America.

Cube Entertainment is the agency of BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, etc. They're currently planning on some concerts in South America (Brazil, etc) for this year. If they accomplish their plan, this will be the first Hallyu concert in South America.

Hong Seungseong (CEO of Cube Entertainment) revealed on the opening of United Cube Concert that he's currently pushing on some concerts in Europe and South America. Just like what he said, they achieved their plan for a European concert. According to several officials from the music industry, the concert plan in South America is now closer to achievement.

Everyone knows that Hallyu is also popular in Mexico, Brazil, etc. Hallyu stars like SNSD & 2PM were surprised by the power of South America's local fandom. They revealed that they want to meet their fans there. If they're able to open a concert there, it will be a big chance for Hallyu Wave to enter South America.

United Cube Concert was successfully held in Seoul and Japan. The concert in Japan was held in Boudokan (Tokyo) and was mobilized by more than 10,000 fans. The next concert will be held in the O2 Brixton Academy, London, England.

Source: Nate
Translating & editing: dianapetrina@4-minute.com
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