[News] Choikang Changmin To Challenge Japanese Video Dub For The First Time

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin will take up the challenge of doing a Japanese dub for the first time.

Japan’s Nekkei Sports mentioned on 25 October, “TVXQ’s Changmin will be doing the Japanese dub for his own role of the DVD of his first TV drama serial ‘Paradise Ranch’.”

Till date, there has been no other artistes that have volunteered to do Japanese dubbing for their roles in their Korean dramas broadcasted in Japan. A special video featuring Choikang Changmin doing the dub will also be included the “Paradise Ranch” DVD, which will be on sale from 2 November.

Choikang Changmin, who acted as Han Dong Joo, will be doing the dubbing for his scenes with Lee Yeon Hee (who acted as Lee Da Ji), such as their wedding and goodbye scenes. It is difficult even for a Japanese to do such dubbings, hence Changmin’s Japanese dubbing task has gained much concern.

TVXQ has been doing activities in Japan for quite a long time, and Changmin has shown an outstanding ability in languages, such as his well-known ability in Japanese.

Regarding the Japanese dub he would be doing this time, he expressed, “Although it is a difficult challenge, I don’t have any other choice. I will do my best.”

With the beautiful Jeju Island as a setting, Paradise Ranch revolves around the beautiful love story between Han Dong Joo and Lee Da Ji. It will be broadcasted on Japan’s Fuji TV starting from November.

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