[News] Cha Seungwon to star in T-ara's 2-part music video

Actor Cha Seungwon will star in T-ara's new music video series.

T-ara plan to create a 2-part music video for their Cho Youngsoo produced song, "Cry Cry" and Shinsadong Tiger produced song, "lovey-dovey". The 30-minute music video will be in the form of a drama and directed by the famous music video and CF director Cha Euntaek. Starring in this 2-part series will be the character "Dokgo Jin" played by Cha Seungwon from the drama "The Greatest Love".

T-ara said, "We're very touched that Cha Seungwon sunbae is able to be in our music video even during his busy activities. We liked him during the MBC drama 'The Greatest Love' and we wanted to work together with him just once, so we are very happy to meet him through this great opportunity we both have."

T-ara are working with the nation's greatest composers such as Cho Youngsoo, Shinsadong Tiger, Brave Brothers and Kang Jiwon to create the best quality album possible. T-ara's new song's concept is currently being discussed and decided confidently and privately and they are expected to return in early November.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem