[NEWS] The BOSS's Jacket Cover of Their New Single Album "Lady" Leak

The group The BOSS's jacket cover if their second single album "Lady" has been leaked.

On the 25th, the day before the release of their second single album "Lady," many netizens have discovered the leak of their jacket cover.

The photo that has been leaked through the internet and SNS (Social Networking Services), it has been revealed that the boys of The BOSS have matured and grown out of the young boy stage, capturing the attention of many people.

Their entertainment, Open World has said, "It's an album that we've concentrated and worked hard on to show another side of them and the members are very disappointed it has been leaked" and "We are tracking down where the leak started. We will find the leaker and take legal actions against them."

On the other hand, The BOSS has released a teaser of their new single album "Lady" which will be released on the 26th which revealed vocals full if sadness. It is climbing up to the top in video-sharing site with explosive reactions.

Source: Star FN News
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