[News] ASB Member “Shanghai Boy” Garners Attention from Orange Caramel’s MV

Orange Caramel featured an After School Boys member in their new Music Video for “Shanghai Romance”.

In the video Orange Caramel tried to win the boys heart with various techniques like eye to eye contact, food giving and showing off thier legs. One scene show Nana trying to give the boy a dumpling into his table, the boy rejected it and gave nana a “Chic” look. Unfortunately, all of these techniques failed.

Check the AS Boy MV cuts in the video below:

After School Boys (애프터스쿨보이즈) “Shanghai Boy” – Shanghai Romance MV (CUT)

Netizens commented “how can he reject nana? she’s such a goddess”, “the boy looks cute i can’t wait for them to debut” and “the boy must be a saint.. how can he stand the three sexy cuties all over him?”.
Netizens started to call the unknown AS Boys Member “Shanghai Boy” earning him a new nick name.

Credit: Elite-Rebels