[NEWS] After School's JungAh - 4minute's Hyunah, "Our composer is too much"

After School's JungAh and 4minute's Hyunah told a story about their composer's anger during recording.

In KBS2 'Win Win' (MC Kim Seungwoo, Jung Jaeyong, Lee Sugeun, Lee Kikwang) on 25th October, Shinsadong Tiger and Brave Brothers revealed their rigorous training.

Brave Brothers revealed, "I won't ask them to sing if they're not ready. I could even send them home during the recording." He also said that he will give more parts of the song to members who are better in singing. To those who can't do it well, he will not even give them 2 words.

After School's JungAh responded to his statement. "I even went home with nothing done. I become more nervous during the actual recording. I still feel scary (toward him) until now. But if we are done with the recording, he turns into a kind person. One time, he asked me to repeat the part again and again, and I went home without anything done." Gahee also recalled, "He keep on asking us to repeat a letter again and again. That's why we're getting more nervous, and can't do better."

Lee Sugeun asked them, "By any chance, don't you think he did that because he wants to see After School for a longer time? He feels good inside." And bring some big laughter.

4minute's Hyunah revealed, "I wanted to change my rap image, but Shinsadong Tiger won't give me any song parts. He even gave me a part that doesn't suit my voice at all, and keeps on teasing me." Shinsadong Tiger's explanation brought more laughter, "I did that dramatically because I want to warn her not to sing anymore."

Meanwhile, Brave Brothers and Shinsadong Tiger revealed their shocking life hardships to become a hit composer, and their way before been called as a 'Midas hand'.

Source: Nate
Translating & Editing: dianapetrina@4-minute.com
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