[NEWS] 4minute's Hyunah's Last Stage of Bubble Pop

Hyunah, a member of girl group 4minute, showed her sorrow on performing the last stage of 'Bubble Pop'.

Hyunah showed a performance of her solo song 'Bubble Pop' on tvN 'Show Show Show' on 9th October, which is her last stage.

She planned to appeal to everyone in a large venue, with the help of a large balloon. She catches the viewers' hearts with her fresh outfit and musical-like choreography.

Other than her performance, Son Hoyoung also performed a rock version of 'To Mother' in the show. He threw away his tender image and showed a powerful performance. It's stimulating the curiosity of fans.

Meanwhile, 'Show Show Show' is a large show that showed some combined performance of song/dance/gag that could only be seen in large year en shows or concerts. The show will air on 9th October at 10PM.

Source: Nate
Translating & editing: dianapetrina@4-minute.com
Thanks to kaori. for the tip.