[NEWS] 4minute Kwon Sohyun's Storm-Like Growth

Female group 4minute's youngest Kwon Sohyun took off her 'maknae' title and showed a 'storm-like growth'.

She uploaded a photo on her own Twitter account on 11th October (dawn) with a caption, "At MTV, same as always, right?" We can see her standing in front of a bat-shaped decoration wall, while spreading both hands over her head, and opening her mouth.

The photo received some special attention because she took off her 'maknae' title and showed a mature femininity. She used an all-black tight tee and hot pants. She showed a slim waist line and straight long legs. Before, she showed us a cute and small image. But in this photo, we could see another feeling because of her sexiness and femininity. She showed the rebellion of a maknae through this 'storm-like growth' photo.

Netizens showed some feedback like, "I think she is growing taller these days", "This is indeed a storm-like growth", "She's not maknae Kwon Sohyun anymore", "How could a body look that beautiful?", etc.

Meanwhile, 4minute went to New York on 7th October for 29th NY-Korea Festival on 8~9th October. She uploaded some photos of their daily life there and attracted some attention.

Source: Nate
Translating & editing: dianapetrina@4-minute.com
Thanks to kaori. for the tip.