[News] 2PM and fans coming forth for "Nichkhun's Homeland" Thailand's flood damage support

2PM and their fans have come forth to help Thailand who's suffering from terrible flood damage.

2PM's Thai fanclub "2PMAlways" and "2PM Love Thai People" recently held an auction event for the flood damage in Thailand. The 2PM members sent their previously worn clothes and treasured items to Thailand for the auction. The Thailand born Nichkhun's mother was seen actively participating in the event. Nichkhun's mother, who resides near Bangkok, personally took an active part in the auctioning off of Nichkhun's items in the event with the fanclubs. Through this auction 1,197,200 baht (43,900,000 won) was raised. The fanclubs plan to use the money raised to provide the people affected by the flooding with emergency relief items.

Member Nichkhun is Thai and 2PM have a lot of popularity in Thailand, and so as well as the auction event they also donated money through the Red Cross. One representative said "JYP Entertainment staff and the 2PM members recently gave a donation" and "Member Nichkhun is greatly saddened by the flooding in Thailand. We hope it does not cause any greater damage".

Thailand has been experiencing since July the worst flooding in 50 years; 70% of the country has been damaged. As of the 23rd 356 people have died and 113,000 people have been seriously affected. Economic loss has reached 6 trillion won.

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*Note : All 2pm websites based in Thailand operate this auction. For more information about this project,please read from here