[NEWS] Secret’s Hyosung, Taken to the Emergency Room With Their Comeback Ahead

Secret’s leader, Jeon Hyosung, was taken to the hospital’s emergency room before their comeback stage, making those around her feel sympathetic.

On the 20th, Secret’s company, TS Entertainment, said Hyosung’s health becoming worse last night on the 19th and was quickly taken to the emergency room. She rested after getting an IV.

Representatives explained, “Hyosung was having trouble since last week because she caught body aches and a cold. With her comeback stage just a day ahead, it seemed that she had gotten tired trying to go through with 7 interview and recording schedules.”

Continuing on, they added, “Along with this being the 1st official album that Secret’s revealing in 2 years since their debut, it seems she was burdened as the leader because the past 4 songs have all been hits.”

However, the representative calmed fans down by saying, “She was really worried for awhile because her voice wasn’t coming out properly. Since it’s an album that they devoted their whole selves to, she purposely went to the emergency room just in case she wouldn’t be able to show her all during the comeback stage.”

Secret revealed their 1st official album’s title song, ‘Love is Move’, on the 18th and plan to officially start promotions.

Secret, who is debuting through Mnet ‘M! Countdown’ on this day, gave the 1st place on music portal sites to SNSD, but kept the 2nd place ranking, making this an amazing opening act for the end-of-the-year girl group battle.

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