[Me2Day] Luna begins shooting for a drama

오늘은♥드라마촬영을 이태원에서 하게되서 언니오빠들과 석천오빠의 음식점에서 맛있는 저녁을 먹었쪄요 루나가 사랑하는 파스타와 피자의 맛이.,♥구웃><♬♬

Today♥ I began to shoot for a drama in Itaewon so along with the unnies and the oppas, we ate a very delicious dinner at Seokcheon's restaurant. Luna loves the pasta and pizza's tastes.,♥ Goood><♬♬

Picture Credits: Luna's me2day
Translated by: spiceshoe@iheartfx.com