[Korean Accessories] Wanna have Jaejoong's style necklace?

A great news for JaeJoong's fans!

Heaven's Postman featuring Kim Jaejoong may have ended last year, but the beautiful feathered necklace worn by our beloved JYJ vocalist is now available at ToFebruary.com.

The mention of JYJ's Kim Jaejoong just may have sparked your curisoity of possible DBSK collectibles. ToFebruary.com is also carrying the YUNHO U-KNOW NECKLACE at an affordable price.

You can always REQUEST a specific product to be sold on ToFebruary.com. Simply send in your k-pop and drama collectible recommendations to ToFebruary.com by emailing contact@tofebruary.com with reference pictures.

Remember, shipping for U.S. customers is only $1.00 per ORDER. International customers are all eligible for shipping discount if you emailcontact@tofebruary.com prior to submitting an order.