[INT/TRANS] Orange Caramel Discusses Fashion, Suicide and the ‘Happy Virus’ with Hankyung News

- How to keep your health despite busy schedules?

(Raina) go to exercise if there’s spare time, and eat vitamins and omega3

(Nana) I’m so worried because i lost some weight lately. my mom bought herbal medicine that is good for health to me, and i keep consuming it.

(Lizzy) i dont really eat herbal medicine and dont have anything special to consume. because i am a maknae among the members, so i am the one that always have the spirit.

- Is there any body parts that you envy from other member?

(Raina) Lizzy’s skin that just like baby skin and nana’s height. she has long legs and good body proportion.

(Nana) thank you (laughs) Lizzy skin is just like piece of art. and Raina unni eyes that is sparkling just like character on comic books..

(Lizzy) raina unni legs-line is so pretty.

- what are you usually do to spend pocket money?

all of us has a huge interest toward fashion. we usually go to shopping or eat delicious foods. usually we had busy schedules so we dont really have time to spend money. but if we saw a pretty accesories or shoes when we walking on street, we buy. because we still young so we usually give the paycheck to our parents.

- Nana airport fashion has been a hot topic, Is there anything special you prepare before going to airport? ?

(Raina) I really am paid attention to it. On the previous day before going, i even pick out the clothes myself.

(Lizzy) There’s time when i receive a sponsor clothes. When receive sponsored clothes, i dont really pay attention and there’s some comfortable point with wearing sponsored clothes.

- is there anything that you usually paid your attention to about fashion??

(Raina) i like black outfits so i paid attention to black color. and also earrings and rings.

(Nana) shoes and sunglasses. i like to wear boots.

(Lizzy) shoes or accesories. Three of us has a huge interest towards fashion, and there’s times when you want to boast up the clothes you buy.

- Please recommend some place to eat delicious foods.

(Raina) I often go to fusion restaurant called ‘Zen’.The pasta they sell there is really delicious.

(Nana) Place called ‘별얄집’ (Byol Yal-Jib)in Shinsa-Dong that sell intestines. because the member can’t drink alcohol we often drink a toast with lemon-lime soda. Especially, this restaurant sell delicious 대창 (Dae-chang).

(Lizzy) Among the member i am on side that like to drink. I drink sweet fruit soju . For delicious food i recommend restaurant called ‘청담골’ (ChongDam-Gol).

- what are you going to do on your 40s?.

(Raina) i might still be a singer. and success in MCing, and be a success musical actress which is my mom’s dream when she’s still young .

(Nana) i have interest on makeup artist, so i maybe have a beauty shop. and i also want to do community service and take care of abandoned dogs .

(Lizzy) be an MC that just like Yoo Jae Suk. and i wanna be professor on entertaining major .

-What does Orange Caramel member do to relieve stress?

(Nana) There’s time when we miss our hometown and family or feeling lonely, so we having fun things like eat delicious food or shopping.

(Raina) Members cant really drink alcohol, so we search for place who sell delicious food and having a chat there. Eat an intestines and drink a toast woth lemon-lime soda instead of Soju.

(Lizzy) I relieve stress if appearing in entertainment show. and i weel up the energy.

- Have you ever think for Commiting suicide?

(Raina) There’s times when i’m exhausted since debuted as singer. I really tired if the cockroaches appearing in our dorm, and also tired doin part-time works, but because i have a dream, i never think of commiting suicide.

(Nana) I also never think of commiting suicide. I have a lot of things i wanna do, and dreams since i’m still young so i always look ahead to the future. And i gained strength from my parents when i said i wanna be a singer.

-How did you feel when heard the news about the celebrity that commited suicide?

(Lizzy) I would wondering why they made such a decision, It’s really regretable. It’ll be good if we would never hear a news about this.

Is there anything you want to say to people that want to commit suicide?

(Raina) How about reconsider that, and think about parents or people around you. If i think, about‘if i die, my parents must be so sad’ it seems like the thinks about i’m going to die is just dissapeared. Even there’s times when you are tired, in your life, the good days will also come too.

(Lizzy) If you turn backwatd the word ‘자살’ (Ja-sal / Commit Suicide) , it’s gonna be read as ‘살자’ (Sal-ja / Let’s life) . Even this is really obvious, how about try to live your life again.

(Nana) If i heard about the students that can’t reach their dreams, my heart is really hurt. All students, please don’t give up on your dream and be strong . Even if there’s times when you are tired, there’ll be good days come.

- Activities plan in the future?

2 weeks onwards, we going to halt Orange Caramel activites at the moment, and start Japanese activities on November. Please give a lot of love to ‘Shanghai Romance’ and please receive the Happy Virus that we give.

Trans : Ahyoo @ PlaygirlzWorld.com

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